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Black Summer
Truffle Collection

Meticulously crafted and sourced, Tuscanini Summer Black Truffle adds decadent, earthy depth to any dish. Experiment with the exquisite, complex flavor in pastas, on crostini, or paired with aged meats and fine wine.

The Coveted Treasures of Italia

Dramatic Truffle Shot_edited.jpg

A pound of truffles can easily fetch a hefty price, often selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Beagles to track down and unearth these coveted mushrooms by their elusive scents.

Known for its intense aromatic aura and earthy flavor, the dark-hued jewel is hailed by chefs as a harmonious blend of earthy nuttiness and rich chocolate undertones.

Deemed "magical" by locals for its ability to grow without roots



Truffle Mashed Potatos


Truffle Risotto


Onion Truffle Jam

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