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Cut from the most delicate part of the tuna: Ventresca

Brought to you from the Southern Italian region of Calabria, our hand-selected and filleted Mediterranean Ventresca tuna presents exquisite taste with deep, complex flavors. Naturally enriched with volcanic minerals for authentic, deep flavor.

Ventresca Tuna Spread Reduced.png

The rich, velvety meaty undercut. Buttery-soft, creamy texture, as opposed to typical flaky chunks.

Hand-selected and filleted Mediterranean Ventresca tuna from the Southern Italian region of Calabria 

Packed in premium extra virgin olive oil and uniquely jarred and filled by hand for quality control.

Taste Tuscanini. Know Italy.

There are many fish in the sea, but none quite like this.

The rich velvety undercut of Tuscanini Ventresca tuna is finely matured, hand-filleted and manually packed to preserve its authentic Mediterranean flavor. Elevate your salad, appetizer or entree with the silky texture and deep, buttery flavor of Tuscanini tuna.



Elevate Your Dining

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